Rory Mathews

Economic Analyst

Rory has an in depth understanding of the way in which economics intersects with policymaking. Using detailed economic analysis, Rory delivers meaningful insights to various Ecuity projects. His work to date has included the long-term modelling of a building stock’s emission profile, a techno-economic comparison of heating technologies, and cost-benefit analysis.

Before joining Ecuity, Rory completed the Teach First Leadership Development Programme, teaching maths in a secondary school in the West Midlands. During this time Rory became the Deputy Head of the Mathematics Department and was responsible for Key Stage Three curriculum and delivery. Experienced in producing educational materials, Rory’s experience as a teacher means he is well placed to produce resources for campaigns including those aimed at students and teachers which formed a key component of a recent campaign.

Rory holds a first-class BSc degree in Economics from the University of Nottingham.

A keen sportsman, Rory spends his free time watching and reading about both cricket and football and when he’s not doing that, he’s out on the pitch himself.

He embraces a healthy work-life balance by cycling to work and is known around the office for his love of Sainsbury’s soup.