Robert Honeyman

Head of Analysis

As Head of Analysis for Ecuity, Rob has an in depth understanding of the way in which economics intersects with policymaking.  Robert leads the Economics team and is responsible for ensuring high quality analysis is provided.

Robert is a well-respected energy policy economist who has developed techno-economic and market analysis that has influenced energy policy in the UK and Europe. He has managed projects for a diverse range of clients and industry associations. Robert combines his analytical expertise with excellent communication skills which make him a highly valued member of any client project.

Before being promoted to lead the Economics Team at Ecuity, Robert worked as a Senior Economic Analyst providing his expertise on a range of projects for client and multi-client campaigns. He assessed the commercial viability of a diverse range of energy projects and developed significant expertise in energy policy and the economics upon which it is founded.

Robert holds an MSc in Environmental Economics & Climate Change and a BSc in Environmental Policy & Economics from the London School of Economics.

Robert has a keen interest in China, having lived and worked in the country twice. He follows his football team (Newcastle) in eternal hope and enjoys playing himself. He also has a keen eye for fashion and is usually the best dressed in the office.