Kevin Fothergill

Associate Consultant

As an Associate Consultant at Ecuity, Kevin brings a wide range of complementary skills and expertise to the team. Kevin was part of the team that founded the Hydrogen Hub, an organisation dedicated to supporting the deployment of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies in the UK. This involved extensive interaction with SMEs and larger companies, providing technical and commercial input for the assembly of funded programme applications and novel business models.

Kevin has a degree in Chemistry and an MBA from Durham University, supported by 32 years of experience working in the industry for FTSE 100 companies including ICI, and Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells where he spent 12 years as Commercial and Business Director.

He was instrumental in establishing Johnson Matthey’s position as a leader in the supply of catalysts and electrochemical components to the global fuel cell and electrolyser industry and provided business development support for their broad range of hydrogen production and purification technologies.