The Impact of Policy on the Nuclear Market

The Government’s Clean Growth Strategy has given greater certainty to the nuclear industry that it will play an important role, alongside renewable energies, in the on-going efforts to decarbonise the power-sector. The Strategy states that new projects in the pipeline will receive investment in the future and that £460 million is expected to be up for grabs from a nuclear innovation funding pot. The Government’s Industrial Strategy goes further and cites nuclear power as a core way to drive the growth of the economy through regional job creation and by developing the UK’s world-leading export expertise; an area which will become more important in a post-Brexit world.

At Ecuity, as part of our policy work across the low carbon technology portfolio, we follow closely the policy debate on nuclear and understand the importance and the impact of government decisions on the development of this sector. The attached concise presentation provides high level information on the nuclear power policy landscape.

Please see the presentation in full here

For further information on commercial insights into the UK’s nuclear power industry, please contact Alex Taylor

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