We focus exclusively on energy and environment. In addition to a vast project experience, we make it our business to understand the key developments driving change in the energy sector. We use our strategic insight gained from this experience to translate complex regulatory frameworks, technological developments and market trends into clear actionable advice for business and organisational leadership teams.

We can help with:

Understanding complex regulation  |  Policy mapping  |  Stakeholder mapping

Evidence Based

Persuasive ideas need to be backed up by evidence before they can become reality. Economic Analysis is invaluable in providing context and credibility to arguments and recommendations.

Drawing on the expertise of our economic, market and policy analysts, we undertake detailed research and cost-benefit analysis, develop bespoke economic models and business case appraisals. This is combined with credible narratives and an understanding of strategic context. Through this evidence-based approach, we are able to develop coherent arguments necessary for success in any communications campaign.

We can help with:

Techno economic assessment  |  Bespoke energy economic modelling


Regulation is not created by policymakers in isolation – it is a collaboration between the political world and a wide range of stakeholders. It is important to have your voice heard.

We help organisations identify key decision makers, supporters and alternative perspectives, maximising the impact of influencing activities. We encourage and support collaboration between organisations to build consensus and strengthen the case for change.

We develop robust arguments and evidence to support detailed consultation and inquiry responses for our clients. Our analysis and narratives help influence the policy debate with many of our clients being invited to give evidence and meet with policymakers to discuss recommendations as a result.

We can help with:

Campaigns  |  Influencer mapping  |  Trade associations secretariat  |  Policy advocacy


Organisations thrive when they are working with stakeholders and influencers they trust.

Our network includes partners across industry and policy development teams in Westminster, the devolved administrations and regional authorities, placing us as a dependable ally at the intersection of business, regulation and economics.

Trusted as experts within the sector, we utilise our network to create government and industry coalitions that build good energy policy as a result.
As an objective, technology-neutral consultancy, we have the credibility to make change happen.

We can help with:

Corporate social responsibility  |  Thought leadership  |  Reputation building

Supporting Innovation

Environmental and sustainability considerations alongside wider global trends such as digitalisation are driving innovation in the energy sector.

Innovative solutions are constantly being developed, giving rise to the number of technological options being considered in the future energy mix.

We provide support to organisations to help them overcome barriers, secure investment and shape policy to stimulate and support innovation and market growth.

We can help with:

Partnership building  |  Project management  |  Bid development  |
Lead generation

Strategic Communications

Communication strategies play a significant role in helping organisations convey the right message.

The work we do for our clients is often broad and complex. Working closely with industry experts, our marketing team specialises in delivering credible communications by transforming the more technical narratives into a format that has an impact online and in the media.

We coordinate marketing initiatives to deliver key commercial engagement and develop well-rounded content that influences the right people at the right time.

We can help with:

Social media  |  Infographics  |  Strategy  |  Digital marketing  |  Content  |  Visual

Stakeholder Engagement

We make change happening by bringing the right people together. We are stakeholder engagement specialists with a track record for delivering high impact, informative events for our clients. We host multiple roundtables and workshops for both industry and government.

We regularly manage events with over 100 delegates and multiple speakers from across different fields. This supports collaboration and has influenced policy particularly during key consultation periods. Networking and the sharing of ideas is key in the transition to a low carbon future.

We can help with:

Stakeholder workshops  |  Seminars and roundtables  |  Speech support and narrative development  |  Visual content and event collateral  |
Event write ups and discussion summaries

Quality Management

Quality is important to our business because we value our customers. We also have a responsibility as our work informs wider decisions about energy and environmental policy. We strive to provide our customers with services which meet and even exceed their expectations.

We are committed to continuous improvement and have established a Quality Management System which provides a framework for measuring and improving our performance alongside means of ensuring each individual piece of work that we produce is of the highest standard.

We can help with:

Data verification  |  Consultation responses  |  Market intelligence