Standards Development


The low carbon economy is very often shaped by the development of regulatory standards, either restricting or promoting the growth of alternative energy solutions. The widespread deployment of sustainable energy solutions will require the evolution of a multitude of areas of regulation including technology performance, planning law, consumer protection, health and safety and grid connection to name a few.

Ecuity Insight:

Our Standards CV includes work on G59/G83 Grid Connections, European Heat Pump Standards under the Renewable Energy Directive, Sustainable Biofuels, Permitted Development Rights in Planning, Waste to Energy and the Microgeneration Certification Scheme. Together, we can work together to understand the standards environment affecting your sustainable energy proposition.

Ecuity Strategy:

Mapping your business proposition against the existing standards environment is essential. Many an valid propositions fail simply because a product sits outside an existing definition or is based on a false expectation that a standard can be easily modified. Ecuity will work with you to ensure that potential trip-wires are identified early and can be avoided or tackled as required.

Ecuity Campaigns:

Almost all regulatory standards are a product of influencing activity. In a world of financial prudence today’s regulators rarely employ sufficient experts to provide a truly independent view. Instead the development of standards relies on finding a balance of opinions between different stakeholders. Ecuity can help you articulate your position on key standards affecting your proposition. We achieve this through the development of credible and detailed arguments alongside the formation of like-minded coalitions where appropriate.