Household Energy Efficiency


The Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation (ECO) are the UK Government’s flagship energy efficiency policies. Designed to tackle the barriers to installing energy efficiency measures in the UK’s homes and businesses, over 1 million energy efficiency measures were installed under the ECO scheme up to March 2015. Take-up of the Green Deal has been slower, but could if successful transform existing markets for heating, energy efficiency and renewable technologies.

Ecuity Insight:

We have been monitoring the development of energy efficiency policy since before the 2010 general election. Through our work with industry and government, we’ve developed a detailed knowledge of the Green Deal and ECO. We are helping companies across the sector to understand how energy efficiency policy works,  the challenges this presents and interacts with other Government policies.

Ecuity Strategy:

If your organisation is considering engagement in the energy efficiency sector, or simply wishing to work out how your existing proposition may fit into the existing funding framework then we can help. We’ve worked with some of the leading names in the energy sector to provide the regulatory element of commercial strategy development processes. Together with our clients, we’ve identified opportunities, risks and potential partnerships which  are contributing to the development of the energy efficiency market.

Ecuity Campaigns:

The Green Deal has not been as successful as may have been initially hoped. In addition, the ECO scheme targeting harder to treat measures and customers in need is likely to evolve further. We are working with leading companies identify improvements and communicate with Government, politicians of all parties and of course the wider industry to develop a successful energy efficiency policy framework.