EU Energy Union


A common energy and climate policy is at the heart of the European single market. The European Commission published in February 2015 its plan for a package of policies and measures to develop an EU Energy Union. This high level package was approved by EU Heads of State in March setting the stage for renewed deliberations in Brussels to flesh out policies, priorities and specific objectives in greater detail during the course of the current policy cycle.

Ecuity Insight:

This fresh drive to harmonize EU energy policy means that increasing aspects of UK energy policy will be coordinated at EU level over the coming years. Therefore market stakeholders need to take note and start paying closer attention to understanding EU energy policy implications.  Ecuity’s international team of experts has far and wide understanding of EU energy & climate policies ranging from domestic energy efficiency to carbon capture and storage helping companies navigate the complex EU policy arena.

Ecuity Strategy:

If your organisation is operating in the UK market, or other European markets, then it is impacted by decisions taken in Brussels. The Ecuity team can work with you to understand the implications of new initiatives under the EU Energy Union initiative that include new carbon and renewable targets for EU member states, new standards for sustainable biomass, a novel strategy for gas supply and incentives for building energy efficiency. Using a proprietary strategic toolkit Ecuity helps its clients assess the commercial risks and opportunities associated with EU energy policy developments and develop a strategy to address these.

Ecuity Campaigns:

Ecuity has a track record of driving successful policy change in Brussels based on the development of positions that combine sound technical, economic and political argumentation. Ecuity has supported diverse companies to achieve recognition of new renewable technologies at EU level, technical changes in EU network code requirements or develop novel carbon reduction calculation norms for technologies in consultation with Eurostat.