Quarterly Energy Policy Update – December 2016

Prepared by Ecuity Consulting LLP for Sustainability West Midlands

This update is aimed at organisations operating in or impacted by policy in the heat, power and low-carbon energy sectors. It provides insights into the fast moving world of UK low carbon energy policy to enable your organisation to influence and benefit from future changes.

The Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has launched a consultation Heat in Buildings – The Future of Heat: Domestic Buildings to seek views on options for raising domestic boiler standards and consider the wider costs and benefits of central heating system performance improvements. The three core policy proposals to incentivise higher standards for domestic fossil fuel boilers that run on natural gas, oil and liquid petroleum gas (LPG) include:

  1. Bring the performance requirements for boiler performance in England into line with EU product performance legislation and set the minimum standard at 92%
  2. Functional timers and thermostats should be a mandatory system component when a boiler is installed
  3. Consider the role of weather compensation as part of mandatory requirements

On top of the above three core elements, the Government is also considering incorporating an additional option to include a range of technologies into the minimum package.

The publication also puts forward a set of calls for evidence to help BEIS develop additional policy opportunities in the long and short term. These focus on hydraulic balancing, return water temperatures and radiator sizing, internal system cleanliness and system design and components.

This consultation has been welcomed by industry as it takes a whole system approach to heating our homes. The role for boilers will continue and steps must be taken to increase boiler performance and efficiency, however it is important that the source of heat is not looked at in isolation. For support with responding to this consultation or the others listed overpage, please contact Ecuity Consulting LPP.

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