Quarterly Energy Policy Update October 2017

This update is aimed at organisations operating in or impacted by policy in the heat, power and low-carbon energy sectors. It provides insights into the fast moving world of UK low carbon energy policy to enable your organisation to influence and benefit from future changes. To develop your opportunities further, why not support Sustainability West Midlands’ future research, think pieces, or roundtables with Government. Please get in touch with Ecuity Consulting LLP if you require further information or if you would like support with responding to the consultations or inquiries highlighted in the update.

The long-awaited Clean Growth Strategy was published on 12th October 2017. The publication recognises the UK as a world leader in climate change action and sets out a strategy to ensure that the fourth and fifth carbon budgets are met. The Strategy has been largely welcomed by industry and NGOs as the policies included within it, and those which are due to be consulted on shortly will begin to close the gap between current policies and what is needed to meet the UK’s climate change targets.

The commercial opportunities which may emerge as a result of the strategy are varied. Ecuity has produced a summary document which looks at four areas within the plan;

For each area, we outline a summary of the key proposals from the Strategy and provide our own interpretation of the opportunities they could bring for organisations interested in the low carbon energy agenda.

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