Air Quality Plan

UK plan for tackling roadside nitrogen dioxide concentrations.

On 26th July Defra published its new air quality plan outlining measures for tackling roadside emission of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in the UK alongside the summary of responses to its consultation on this issue.

Yet again the plan has been criticised, mainly linked to the inclusion of ‘ending the sale of all conventional diesel and petrol vehicles’, 23 years off, in 2040, and the inclusion of other previously published commitments to tackle air quality. Plus, concerns that the plan might not tackle the problem as quickly as possible. Beyond the summary of previous commitments, the plan provides more details on various actions to tackle air pollution:

Whether the plan is deemed ambitious or not, there are a range of additional engagement opportunities on air quality over the coming months. Through the further consultation this autumn, by engaging local authorities to support with the development of their plans, and engagement on plans for a wider Clean Air Strategy as it is developed. The link to innovative and new technologies of part of the Industrial Strategy is hugely relevant. For those with solutions for the transport sector or to tackle other sources of air pollution, the next 18 months are an opportune time.

The full Ecuity Briefing can be found here.

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Senior Consultant

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