Influencing campaigns are central to the development of the regulatory and political framework for sustainable energy and environment. Each and every policy introduced is a product of a process of consultation and influence with a huge range of stakeholders. This is an essential part of the democratic process!

Ecuity specialise in the formulation of credible, evidence based arguments and campaign strategies which promote sustainable energy solutions.

Too often, organizations allow policy to be shaped around them with little co-ordinated action or influence. Yet through the execution of simple techniques real policy change can be achieved. Our belief is that good policy requires pro-active and collaborative engagement from industry – a fact borne out by the many successes our team has achieved working with Government and industry coalitions over the past decade or so.

We also take ethics of campaigning very seriously, never knowingly over-selling the prospects of success or providing anything but truthful and best available information to stakeholders with whom our clients meet.

As part of our Campaigns service, Ecuity can provide:

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