#Showthelove Every Day of Every Year by Fighting Climate Change

Since the #showthelove campaign hit off this week, we’ve seen an influx of environmentalists from all walks of life wanting to play their part in the fight against climate change. Challenges have been undertaken, trees have been planted and hundreds of green hearts have been crafted and given to MPS who have worn them with pride. The Climate Coalition’s February campaign calls on society to speak out against environmental issues and in its third year running, it has seen the trending hashtag reach thousands already. This valentine’s day, campaigners from all walks of life have ditched the red love hearts for green ones -calling on world leaders to protect the planet we care about.

Coincidentally, the IPPR report published this week requests much of the same. Albeit less romantically and offering more of a warning than a showcase of love, policymakers have been criticized for disregarding environmental considerations in most areas of policy and for brushing the issue too far under the rug. The report is rather harrowing, clear in its declaration that there is an ever-closing window of opportunity to avoid the catastrophic outcomes of climate change due to the damage that has already been done. Foreshadowing a series of crises such as soil infertility and global warming, the report calls on profound action to stop the global destabilization we are so ill-prepared for. However, with changes proceeding at an unprecedented level already, is it too late to #showthelove?

The window may be closing but it isn’t closed just yet. Through sustainable energy policy, good decisions and new technology we can better understand: the scale and pace of environmental change; implications for societies; and the need for a socioeconomic transformation. As we support the Climate Coalitions Campaign again this year, we are hopeful that policymakers around the world are paying attention. By working together and encouraging Government, businesses and consumers to take action against climate change we can protect the world we love for future generations.

For more information please contact the author:
Christina Thompson- Yates, christina.thompsonyates@ecuity.com

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