An ambitious year for energy policy: How Ecuity rose to the challenge in 2019

As the Brexit saga continues to unfold, we should not lose sight of the fact that the discussion on decarbonisation has moved forward. Often in ways that would have seemed inconceivable just a few years ago, the Government is following suit with the need to instigate change. Areas of the economy which were once peripheral to the debate, such as domestic and commercial/industrial heat, are now becoming centerpiece as the UK sets a binding objective to bring all greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050. In August, the Commons Science and Technology Committee set heat decarbonisation and incentivising energy efficiency home improvements as its top 2 policy recommendations to achieve net carbon.

Even despite the political turbulence, we have seen ground-breaking initiatives over the last few years. On the funding side, we’ve seen the launch of a £320 million Heat Networks Investment Project (which Ecuity is proudly supporting) to provide capital funding for heat networks across England and Wales. We’ve also seen support for low carbon heat via Hy4Heat and the upcoming Electrification of Heat Demonstration Project and the progression of policy as an agent for change. Announcements like the Future Homes Standard to end fossil fuel heating in new homes by 2025, for example, created quite a stir in the mainstream press.

As policy impact on energy and heat markets continues to widen and deepen, we’re rising to the challenge here at Ecuity. Expanding our capabilities to support our industry partners, we remain at the forefront of driving the policy debate both in the UK and in Brussels where decisions impact markets across Europe. We’ve worked hard on policies impacting everyday consumers like Boiler Plus and the Climate Change Levy for businesses and we’re also investing our capabilities helping our partners to bid into public funding and communicate with their own consumers on issues relating to policy and beyond.

Since the start of 2019, we’re proud to have added 4 new recruits to our growing team which now consists of engineers, economists, business and environmental experts; this allows us a diverse and more informed approach to policy and markets and has reshaped the way we do things here at Ecuity. In August, we also completed our relocation to our vibrant new office in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter just days after we were named Business Green Consultancy of the Year. We particularly value this accolade as it reflects our transition into an organisation with a wider impact on the decarbonisation debate, from policy and innovation to commercial strategy and communications.

The new company website which was launched last week has been another internal achievement for us at Ecuity. I do hope that it achieves in showcasing our increased ability to deliver impact in an array of sectors and manners for our partners. As decarbonisation begins to accelerate in more areas of the economy, we believe in the value of active policy innovation and remain confident that markets and industries can positively deliver. It’s an exciting time to be operating in the space where policy meets innovation and we look forward to the further changes and challenges ahead.

Author: Ilias Vazaios

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