Our Values

Committed to a Low-Carbon Future

We help tackle climate change by participating in the spread of sustainable energy technologies across the UK and beyond. We do this by helping our clients align sustainable energy policy developments with their commercial interests. 

There are some basic principles that guide us in the way we work:

Market and Technology Neutral

Ecuity believes the path to a low carbon future lies in policy designed to encourage competition in the supply of sustainable energy goods and services. We help our clients inform and direct policy to reflect the realities of commercial life for those called upon to deliver the necessary solutions by promoting changes that will benefit both their own organisation and the wider market. Equally, we also help our clients identify ways in which they can fine tune their business plan in accordance with the latest policy developments, to avoid wasting resources swimming against the tide. In this way, the policy and commercial worlds move forward together, increasing the chances of Government meeting its targets and achieving its goals, and our clients achieving commercial success through their involvement in the sector.

 Ecuity believes in furthering the cause of the sustainable energy sector as a whole and does not discriminate between technologies. We do not advocate policy changes for one part of the sustainable energy sector likely to harm another. In practice this makes for stronger consensus for suitable policy changes and therefore a greater chance of success.

Delivering Exceptional Service

In developing a strategy for individual clients, we make the alignment of our clients’ business objectives with the world of regulation and policy our top priority. We help clients to navigate the uncertainty of obtaining change, a political process which is always therefore subject to a degree of uncertainty, by maintaining fair and impartial advice and an informed view on the chances of success. Through a wealth of experience in policy development and lobbying, we design and implement detailed and focused work programmes that help our clients directly influence and obtain the changes in policy they need for success.

Honesty Transparency and Integrity

Ecuity is committed to the values of transparency and integrity in public affairs and adheres to the highest standards of professionalism.  In order to demonstrate this commitment, Ecuity is registered with the statutory Register of Consultant Lobbyists and abides by its own Code of Conduct.  We believe that political consultants have an important role to play in a properly functioning democracy, alongside politicians, the media, business and a range of other organisations.