Our Company

Ecuity is a specialist consultancy focused on sustainable energy policy. Our consultancy services cover Regulatory Insight, Commercial Strategy and Influencing Campaigns.
Ecuity was formed in 2012 by Dave Sowden and James Higgins, both of whom have a number of years experience in sustainable energy policy and the delivery of extensive consultancy projects.

Each and every consultancy assignment we undertake is carefully scrutinised beforehand to ensure that we can deliver the desired objectives. We work to the highest professional standards and pride ourselves on the number of projects that come through recommendation or on the back of previous success. We are also always happy to put potential clients in touch with existing ones if a further testimony is required.

We are also very mindful of the importance of working ethically and honestly on all of our projects. Integrity is a vital component of successful influencing campaigns and we strive to ensure that our projects are evidence based and backed by credible argument.